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Manhattan Parade (1932) (MOD)

Manhattan Parade (1932) (MOD)

Manhattan Parade (1932) (MOD)

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A theatrical costume company is center stage for this pre-Code look at the business of Broadway. Doris Roberts (Winnie Lightner) is the super-efficient operations manager of the Roberts Costume Company, a firm she cofounded with her husband, John (Walter Miller). Doris has all the plates properly spinning in the air, whether its juggling the fussiness of finicky costume designer Paisley (Bobby Watson), the eccentricities of head researcher Herbert T. Herbert (Charles Butterworth), or the demands of addled Broadway producers Lou and Jake Delman (vaudeville comedy duo Smith & Dale). When John preys on Doris' maternal guilt, however, she steps down from the job to be a full-time mother to their son, Junior (Dickie Moore). While Doris plays stay-at-home mom, John skips town for the continent with Doris' former secretary, Charlotte (Greta Granstedt). Can Doris save the company before creditors close its doors?

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