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Man With Two Faces, The (MOD)

Man With Two Faces, The (MOD)

Man With Two Faces, The (MOD)

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When his sister falls under the sadistic spell of her Svengali-like sadistic husband, acclaimed stage star Damon Wells (Edward G. Robinson) decides he'll do whatever it takes to save her. What it takes is murder. And what it takes to get away with murder is a perfect disguise created out of greasepaint, false whiskers and a brilliant actor's skill. Heading a top cast that includes Mary Astor, Ricardo Cortez and Louis Calhern, Robinson is marvelous wearing either of his two faces in this clever thriller based on a popular play by George S. Kaufman and Alexander Woollcott. A special treat: the surprising (and satisfying) ending, unorthodox for a movie made in the Production Code era.

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Actors: Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Ricardo Cortez, Mae Clarke, Louis Calhern, Arthur Byron, John Eldredge, David Landau, Emily Fitzroy,

Directors: Archie Mayo,

Writers: Niven Busch, Tom Reed,

Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 8/04/1934,

Format: Made To Order DVD,