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Man of Iron (1935) (MOD)

Man of Iron (1935) (MOD)

Man of Iron (1935) (MOD)

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Legendary Warner Bros. character actor Barton MacLane dazzles in a rare leading-man role as a hardened blue-collar employee who works his way up the corporate ladder. Steel-mill foreman Chris Bennett (MacLane) is well-liked by his coworkers and knows the ins and outs of the plant. Recognizing Bennett's merit, mill owner Harrison Balding (Joseph King) promotes him to vice president, despite resentment from Balding's cousin, Ed Tanahill (John Eldredge). Tanahill convinces his secretary, Vida (Mary Astor), to help him with a scheme to undermine Bennett by playing on his insecurities about life amongst the executive set. Due to Tanahill's manipulation, Bennett's inflating ego incites a worker's riot and strike. If he can't come to his senses, Bennett will lose more than the respect and loyalty of the mill workers - he'll lose his loving spouse, Bessie (Dorothy Peterson), as well!

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Writers: Dawn Powell, William Wister Haines,

Genres: Comedy, Drama,

Format: MOD - SD,


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