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Make Way for a Lady (MOD)

Make Way for a Lady (MOD)

Make Way for a Lady (MOD)

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Fresh from her breakout success in Anne of Green Gables (1934), Anne Shirley shines and sparkles as ebullient and excitable high school girl June Drew in this tale of love's labor's lampooned. June's happy home life with her doting widower father, publisher Christopher Drew (Herbert Marshall), is shattered when she overhears the mother of her best friend suggesting that June is preventing her father from finding a new love. Taking this as a call to (melodramatic) action, June decides to become a matchmaker and sets out to find a spouse for her father. Misunderstanding a dedication in a book her father published, June moves heaven and earth in an attempt to "reunite" her father with worldly author Valerie Broughton (Margot Grahame). Though the pairing results from June's overactive imagination, it threatens to derail her father's very real romance with June's teacher, Miss Emerson (Gertrude Michael).

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