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Maisie (MOD)

Maisie (MOD)

Maisie (MOD)

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She loses her dance-hall job before she even sets foot on stage, she's down to her last 15 cents, then she's thrown into the hoosegow on a false charge of lifting a wallet. Welcome to Big Horn, Wyoming, ma'am. And welcome to the big screen for the enthusiastically received series about wisecracking, level-headed, big-hearted showgirl Maisie Ravier. In the role forever associated with her, Ann Sothern stars in this debut adventure that has her finding work as a maid at Bar-O-Ranch, getting caught up in the troubled marriage of two visitors (Ian Hunter and Ruth Hussey) and rescuing the ranch boss (Robert Young) from a trumped-up murder rap while lassoing his heart. Yes, Maisie is one busy and ever-able heroine, a character who would win fans in all her exploits to come. Cliff Edwards - one year before he voiced Pinocchio's beloved conscience-in-spats, Jiminy Cricket - plays amiable ranchhand Shorty.

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