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The Maisie Collection Volume 2

Maisie Collection, The: Volume 2

The Maisie Collection Volume 2

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THE MAISIE COLLECTION VOLUME 2 (1942 - 1947) She's back! Ann Sothern's stars as the amazing Maisie Ravier, in this concluding collection of her celluloid adventures.

MAISIE GETS HER MAN (1942) Red Skelton costars as Maisie comes to the aid of a clown with stage fright. Also stars Allen Jenkins.

SWING SHIFT MAISIE (1943) Wartime Maisie gives up the dog show for the factory, and must save a test pilot from seducers and saboteurs. With James Craig.

MAISIE GOES TO RENO (1944) Maisie is ordered to take medical leave, so she heads to Reno for a song and dance job and romantic intrigue. With John Hodiak and Ava Gardner.

UP GOES MAISIE (1946) Postwar Maisie trades in the dancing shoes for a steno pad and ends up flying a helicycle built for two. With George Murphy.

UNDERCOVER MAISIE (1947) Maisie gets recruited by the LAPD for one dizzy and dangerous undercover assignment. Also stars Barry Nelson.

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