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Maisie Collection, The: Volume 1

Maisie Collection, The: Volume 1

Maisie Collection, The: Volume 1

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THE MAISIE COLLECTION VOLUME 1 (1939 - 1941) Ann Sothern stars in her signature role - the unstoppable showgirl, Maisie Ravier - in the first of a two volume complete collection.

MAISIE (1939) Out of work and out of digs, a burlesque dancer ends up working as a maid at a ranch in Wyoming. This western romp comes tinged with a bit of noir, as a dark dame (Ruth Hussey) tries to lay a frame on the hunk of a ranch foreman. Newly remastered.

CONGO MAISIE (1940) John Carroll provides the beefcake to distract the wisecracking burlesque queen as she finds herself stuck inside an African adventure. It' time to head up the river with Maisie for an Apocalypse Never. "The hats. The hats!" Newly remastered.

GOLD RUSH MAISIE (1940) Maisie takes a trip to the heart of social injustice as she finds herself working alongside a Joadian clan of dustbowl refugees. With Lee Bowman and Virginia Weidler. Newly remastered.

MAISIE WAS A LADY (1941) Once again out-of-gigs-and-digs, Maisie plunges into a Comedy of Manors, cleaning house and stealing hearts deep inside high society. C. Aubrey Smith is the bristling butler determined to keep Maisie in her place, with fellow MGM series stars Lew Ayres (Dr. Kildare) and Maureen O'ullivan (Tarzan' Jane) waiting on the inside. Newly remastered.

RINGSIDE MAISIE (1941) This go-round finds Maisie getting stuck inside a boxing picture while trying to get to a gig in the Adirondacks. Future Sothern spouse Robert Sterling provides the pugilism, while Gene Murphy's coach/manager complicates matters with Virginia O'Brien completing the quadrangle.

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