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Made on Broadway (MOD)

Made on Broadway (MOD)

Made on Broadway (MOD)

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Powerful public-relations man Jeff Bidwell (Robert Montgomery) is the secret king of Broadway, a fixer and advisor to a procession of Manhattan's most powerful. Within the confines of his exclusive club, Bidwell's patrons range from divorc�es to generals, and from the district attorney to the mayor - provided they're ready to pay his rather sizable fees. But it's a pro bono client who proves his undoing when he rescues suicidal working girl Minnie Martin (Sally Eilers) and transforms her into celebrated society sophisticate Mona Martine. Bidwell, with the help of loyal ex-wife Claire (Madge Evans), succeeds beyond his own lofty expectations and finds himself falling for his own creation. When Mona kills a notorious lothario late at night in her apartment, Bidwell starts to spin a tale of her innocence - only to discover Mona's true dark interests.

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