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Lucky Devils

Lucky Devils
Lucky Devils
Lucky Devils

Lucky Devils

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They smash through skylights, tumble down staircases, drop from a high rooftop into a waiting convertible - the only fall Skipper Clark and his devil-may-care pals won't take is to fall in love. That's because Skipper, Bob Hughes and their fellow stunt-men know that the concerns of a wife and family don't mix with the risks of a Hollywood stunt-man's career. Yet Skipper falls hard for lovely Fran. After their marriage, he loses his nerve during the shooting of a dangerous two-man scene, putting Bob's life in peril. Skipper is then shunned by his profession and, desperate for funds, agrees to perform an almost-suicidal waterfall stunt refused by the other stunt-men. Bill Boyd, a big star of TV 's early days when he brought his popular Hopalong Cassidy films to the small screen, portrays Skipper in this B-programmer filled with glimpses of the era's filmmaking techniques and created by David O. Selznick's RKO production unit.

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