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Love On A Bet (MOD)

Love On A Bet (MOD)

Love On A Bet (MOD)

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Michael McCreigh is a young New York producer with a script he would do anything to get made into a Broadway play. It is a simple story about a man who starts in Central Park with nothing but his underwear, and without paying or borrowing for transportation, gets to California in ten days with a suit, $100, and a fianc?.McCreigh (Gene Raymond) approaches his rich Uncle Carlton, who can't stand Michael's Bohemian lifestyle, about possibly fronting the money for the play. Uncle Carlton offers him the cash if he can accomplish the unbelievable plot of his script in real-life, otherwise McCreigh has to give up his roguish ways and settle down with a job at Carlton's packing plant. Michael accepts and begins a journey across the country in pursuit of art, money, and love.