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Love and Learn (1947) (MOD)

Love and Learn (1947) (MOD)

Love and Learn (1947) (MOD)

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Jingles Collins (Jack Carson) and Bob Grant (Robert Hutton) are Tin Pan Alley's greatest pair of undiscovered and unpublished songmen. So much so that Bob has decided to pack it in and head back to Small Town, USA. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, wealthy heiress Barbara Wyngate (Martha Vickers) is chafing at the social conventions that confine her, especially her upcoming marriage to vapid society boy Willard (Craig Stevens). In a last-ditch bid to convince Bob to stick around, Jingles and his gal pal Jackie (Janis Paige) take Bob to Danceland in the hopes that they can convince the house band to play one of their tunes. Babs has pulled a reverse Cinderella in the meantime, and is posing as a ticket dancer at the club. Bob and Babs do a tango or two, and Bob is inspired to save Babs from the life she isn't living. While Babs conspires to help Bob, she continues to pose as a working gal, but her secret could cost her.

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