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Looney Tunes Back In Action (DVD) (WS)

Looney Tunes Back In Action (DVD) (WS)

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Live Action Adventure Comedy. Set in a live-action world in which Warner Bros.' beloved assortment of irreverent animated entertainers interact with human characters for maximum comic effect, the story unfolds on the Studio backlot and careens all over the map in time-honored Looney Tunes style. Our celluloid heroes embark on a hilarious adventure that takes them from Hollywood to Las Vegas, Paris and the jungles of Africa in search of Fraser's character's missing father and the mythical Blue Monkey Diamond.

Special Features: Alternate endings: "Looney Tunes Out of Action: Best Scenes You've Never Seen": montage of alternate ending and additional scenes Documentaries: 1. "Behind the Tunes": A humorous look at Daffy and Bugs as they give a tour of the set 2. "Bang Crash Boom": the rabbit and duck perspective on the special effects Easter Eggs: Yosemite Sam with TNT Other: "Whizzard of Ow": Looney Tunes short