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Logan's Run: The Complete Series (MOD)

Logan's Run: The Complete Series (MOD)

Logan's Run: The Complete Series (MOD)

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In 2319, much of Earth's civilization has been wiped out and now survives in small isolated societies. In the City of Domes, citizens live idyllic lives until they turn 30 and are led to Carousel for "renewal" - but instead are killed! When Sandman Logan 5 (Gregory Harrison) dares to question the ruling order, beautiful rebel Jessica 6 (Heather Menzies) helps him escape to the outside world. Now Logan, Jessica and their android companion, Rem, are on a desperate quest for the fabled utopian Sanctuary. But with an elite police force in hot pursuit of the Runners and bizarre civilizations at every turn, death is always one step behind. The 3-disc Complete Series contains all 14 explosive adventures of the retro futuristic thriller, including three episodes that were not aired nationally.

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