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Let's Make Music (MOD)

Let's Make Music (MOD)

Let's Make Music (MOD)

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With her music-appreciation class dwindling in size year by year, spinster schoolteacher Malvina Adams (Elisabeth Risdon) makes a last bid for relevancy with the kids in the Newton High School swing band by composing a new school song, "Fight on for Newton High." The kids are less than impressed by the effort, and Malvina decides to retire. Malvina's niece, Abby (Jean Rogers), isn't ready for her to throw in the towel and sends the song to a music publisher in New York. The song makes its way into the hands of bandleader Bob Crosby (brother of Bing), who sees its hidden potential. Bob and his arranger (Joseph Buloff) track Malvina down and, with her help, turn "Fight on for Newton High" into a novelty hit. Crosby invites Malvina to perform with his band in New York City, but Abby forbids it, considering it undignified. But even a 60-something teacher needs an exciting night out. Written for the screen by celebrated novelist and screenwriter Nathanael West.

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