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The Last Ride (1944) (MOD)

Last Ride, The (1944) (MOD)

The Last Ride (1944) (MOD)

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After a couple of society swells meet their end thanks to a fatal combination of drunken joy-riding and counterfeit tires, the forces of justice swear to bring down the mob's bootleg-rubber racket once and for all. Thanks to wartime rationing, a sweet new set of rims is rarer than bacon, butter, and sugar, and the rackets are ready with a "tire insurance" scheme, selling dangerous counterfeits as brand-new "Bluestones." Up-and-coming cop's cop Pat Harrigan (Richard Travis) is tasked with bringing the rubber rats to justice, but unfortunately there's a brother rat in the mix - Pat's fast-living sibling, Mike Harrigan (Charles Lang). As the two brothers - one cop, one criminal - begin warily to circle one another, a sinister secret behind both their professions threatens them both. Complicating it all is Kitty Kelly (an on-the-cusp-of-stardom Eleanor Parker), the foster sister both men have grown to love.

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