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Last Hunt, The

Last Hunt, The
Last Hunt, The
Last Hunt, The

Last Hunt, The

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Charlie Gilson (Taylor), a mean-spirited hunter, joins reserved Sandy McKenzie (Granger) on a great government-sanctioned buffalo hunt that will keep the buffalo population under control and make the men rich. Joining them are Woodfoot, an old one-legged skinner (Lloyd Nolan) and Jimmy (Russ Tamblyn) a half-Indian boy. But trouble begins to break the team apart when Charlie kills a group of Indians whom he accuses of stealing his horses. Charlie's subsequent mistreatment of the lone survivors - an Indian woman and her child - forces Sandy to realize that his partner is consumed with hate.and that he enjoys killing more than just buffalo.

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Actors: Robert Taylor (I), Stewart Granger, Lloyd Nolan, Debra Paget, Russ Tamblyn, Constance Ford, Joe De Santis,

Directors: Richard Brooks,

Writers: Richard Brooks,

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Western,

Theatrical Release Date: 4/30/1956,

Format: Made To Order DVD,