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Kid Millions (MOD)

Kid Millions (MOD)

Kid Millions (MOD)


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Who's that dodging his murderous mama, an equally murderous sheik, and the temptations of a harem full of beauties? It's Brooklyn's own Eddie Wilson, who comes to Egypt to claim an inheritance and finds that lots of other folks want a slice of his $77,000,000 pie. In one of his famed Samuel Goldwyn movie extravaganzas, Eddie Cantor sings, clowns and wows `em as Eddie. Kid Millions also boasts dynamo Ethel Merman as Eddie's supposed mother (let's see, Eddie's twenty-five, she's nineteen. hmmm), George Murphy and Ann Sothern as young lovers, and a standout Technicolor® finale. The fun is irresistible, thanks largely to Cantor's screen charisma. "Those big rolling banjo eyes, that good-natured exuberance, that combination.of the na�ve and the risqu�, gave him an endearing appeal that carried him through a career of almost fifty years and is still effective today" (David Thomson, The New Biographical Dictionary of Film).

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Directors: Roy Del Ruth,

Genres: Comedy, Mystery,

Theatrical Release Date: 11/10/1934,

Format: MOD - SD,


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