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Kid Galahad (1937) (MOD)

Kid Galahad (1937) (MOD)

Kid Galahad (1937) (MOD)

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"There isn't any room for feelings in this game," racketeer and fight promoter Nick Donati snarls. Bet the house Nick's feelings of jealousy and rage knock him flat in this influential ring saga linking professional boxing to criminal gambling. Edward G. Robinson is Nick, and tightly coiled Humphrey Bogart is Turkey Morgan. The two are rival promoters who, like fighters flinging kidney punches, end up swapping close-range bullets. Bette Davis plays the moll who has a soft spot for the bellhop (Wayne Norris) Nick is grooming for the heavyweight title. And prolific Michael Curtiz directs this first of his six collaborations with Bogart, which would include the romantic masterwork Casablanca and sly comedy We're No Angels.

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