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Kid from Spain, The (1932) (MOD)

Kid from Spain, The (1932) (MOD)

Kid from Spain, The (1932) (MOD)

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The music and mirth of Eddie Cantor are on ample display in his multitalented madcap masquerades as a matador down Mexico way. Thanks to some boyish mischief cooked up by college pal Ricardo (Robert Young), young Eddie Williams (Cantor) gets expelled from college. Convinced by Mexican native son Ricardo to salve his sorrows south of the border, the hapless Eddie soon gets mixed up with bank robbers. Now on the lam, Eddie reconnects with Ricardo, who convinces him to go undercover as the greatest matador in all of Spain on a Mexican tour. With the law on his tail, passionate se?oritas in his path and jealous bandits waiting in the hills, Eddie is probably safer inside the ring with the killer bull, Diablo. Eagle-eyed film fans will find the likes of Betty Grable, Paulette Goddard and Toby Wing among the ranks of the luminous Goldwyn Girls. Musical sequences directed and choreographed by Busby Berkeley.

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