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Keeper of the Flame (MOD)

Keeper of the Flame (MOD)

Keeper of the Flame (MOD)

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American icon Robert Forrest is dead. As the nation mourns, reporters converge on his hometown. Among them is a journalist who discovers that Forrest's widow could have saved her husband. Did she prevent a fate beyond the country's worst imaginings? After Woman of the Year, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn next teamed in this suspenseful tale of wartime topicality about Fascist wolves in sheep's clothing that in many ways - including music, camerawork and Xanadu-like settings - is startlingly similar to Citizen Kane. George Cukor (later to helm the duo's comedies Adam's Rib and Pat and Mike) directs. Screenwriter Donald Ogden Stewart (The Philadelphia Story) called this "the picture I'm proudest of having been connected with - in terms of saying the most about Fascism that it is possible to say in Hollywood."