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Kansas City Princess (1934) (MOD)

Kansas City Princess (1934) (MOD)

Kansas City Princess (1934) (MOD)


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Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell team up to play a pair of gold diggers with hearts of gold in this tale of manicurists on the run from the mob. When Rosie Sturges (Blondell, Blonde Crazy) loses her diamond engagement ring from mobster Dynamite Carson (Robert Armstrong, King Kong) to a slick operator with whom she goes on an illicit date, she does the sensible thing and takes it on the lam. Accompanied by gal pal Marie Callahan (Glenda Farrell, Torchy Blane), Rosie goes undercover as a Girl Scout and heads to New York. When their cover gets blown, they attach themselves to cuckolded millionaire Junior Ashcroft (Hugh Herbert, Sh! The Octopus) and talk their way onto a transatlantic voyage. Things are looking pretty rosy for Rosie and Marie until they meet Junior's new bodyguard - Dynamite Carson! Joan and Glenda are in fine comic form in this rollicking fable that climaxes with a table-turning triumph in the boudoirs of Paris.


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