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Kaleidoscope (MOD)

Kaleidoscope (MOD)

Kaleidoscope (MOD)

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A handsome young American sits at a Monte Carlo gaming table. The crowd around him watches in awe as each deal of the cards grows his chip piles. How can this cool gambler play so brilliantly? Easy. He cheats. Warren Beatty and Susannah York star in this delightful caper which speeds from the Riviera to Geneva to swinging London at the turn of a card.or unraveling of a clue. Twist Kaleidoscope one way and it's a taut suspense tale with Scotland Yard inspectors, a ruthless drug kingpin and a breathless break-in at a playing card factory. Twisted another way it's a sparkling love story between the suave cardsharp (Beatty) and a kooky dress designer (York) whose father (Clive Revill) is a detective.

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Actors: Warren Beatty, Susannah York, Clive Revill, Eric Porter, Mur, Murray Melvin, George Sewell, Jane Birkin,

Directors: Jack Smight,

Writers: Jane Howard-Carrington, Robert Howard-Carrington,

Genres: Comedy,

Theatrical Release Date: 10/15/1990,

Format: Made To Order DVD,