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Just Tell Me What You Want

Just Tell Me What You Want

Just Tell Me What You Want

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When Max Herschel (Alan King), the ruthless magnate who has everything, loses his executive mistress Bones Burton (Ali MacGraw) to a young playwright (Peter Weller), he carves out a whole new battlefield in the war between the sexes! Director Sidney Lumet's sophisticated comedy, written by three-time Lumet collaborator Jay Presson Allen, chronicles the combat in winningly witty style. When the very rich spat, weapons include movie studios, TV talk shows and art collections - and in the most spectacular lovers' quarrel ever filmed, Bones and Max demolish half the ground floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Myrna Loy as Max's wise secretary, Dina Merrill as Max's neurotic wife and Keenan Wynn as Max's formidable "best enemy" see action as well. For romantic comedy that's elegant and also a hoot, Just Tell Me What You Want is indeed what you want.

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Actors: Ali Macgraw, Alan King, Myrna Loy, Dina Merrill, Peter Weller, Keenan Wynn, Sara Truslow, Judy Kaye, Tony Roberts,

Directors: Sidney Lumet,

Writers: Jay Presson Allen,

Genres: Comedy, Romance,

Theatrical Release Date: 2/08/1980,

Format: MOD - SD,


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