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June Bride (MOD)

June Bride (MOD)

June Bride (MOD)

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In a rare light comedy performance, a vivacious Bette Davis matches wits with the debonair Robert Montgomery. Linda Gilman (Davis) is a hard-boiled magazine editor who thinks she can do just fine without love - even after her old flame, flippant foreign correspondent Carey Jackson (Montgomery), is assigned to work for her. Accompanied by a pack of drop-dead-chic New York stylists, she hauls him off to Indiana to write up a typical small-town wedding - an assignment she hopes he'll quit. But they soon make some surprising discoveries about the adorable young couple, and about their old romance, whose embers never really cooled.

Featuring a fine cast of characters like Fay Bainter (1938's Best Supporting Actress Oscar® winner for Jezebel) and scintillating dialogue from screenwriter Ranald MacDougall (Mildred Pierce), this sophisticated farce garnered accolades from many - even Louelle Parsons called it "Bette's best picture in a long, long time."