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Janie/Janie Gets Married (Double Feature) (MOD)

Janie/Janie Gets Married (Double Feature) (MOD)

Janie/Janie Gets Married (Double Feature) (MOD)

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Adapted from the smash-hit Broadway play of the same name, Janie tells the tale of a small town invaded by a camp of army recruits, but it's the GIs who'd best beware as the town's schoolgirls proceed to go gaga over the boys in uniform. Local newsman Charles Conway (Edward Arnold) is lobbying against a new army camp when his wife (Ann Harding) invites Private Dick Lawrence (Robert Hutton), the son of her widowed friend Thelma (Barbara Brown), to stay with them. Sparks ignite between Charles' defiant daughter, Janie (Joyce Reynolds), and Dick, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Scooper (Dick Erdman).

In the follow-up film, Janie (now played by Joan Leslie) must learn how to domesticate herself after marrying Dick, but complications arise in the form of Dick's war buddy Sgt. Spud Lee (Dorothy Malone), a WAC who packs the wow. It's a good thing Janie still has Scooper in her corner to help make her man jealous!


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