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Jail-Break (MOD)

Jail-Break (MOD)

Jail-Break (MOD)

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Ed Slayden (Dick Purcell) and his gang are pressuring reformed criminal Mike Eagen (Joseph King) to move some stolen furs that came at a deadly price. Looking to lay low, Eagen slugs a cop, expecting a 30-day rap. But it's Eagen's second offense, so the judge ups the assault to a felony and sentences him to two years in the big house. Eagen refuses to explain his actions to the three people trying to help him: Detective Captain Rourke (Barton MacLane), crime reporter Ken Williams (Craig Reynolds) and loyal secretary Jane Rogers (June Travis), who's now in charge of Eagen's club. The penitentiary proves to be unsafe thanks to Dan Stone (Charles Middleton), a guard who blames Eagen for the death of his son, and the sudden arrival of the vengeful Slayden. The volatile mix ends in murder, with Williams and Rourke racing to solve the mystery and save a life.

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