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Into the Arms of Strangers (MOD)

Into the Arms of Strangers (MOD)

Into the Arms of Strangers (MOD)

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Just prior to World War II, an extraordinary rescue operation aided the youngest victims of Nazi terror. Ten thousand Jewish and other children were transported from German-held lands to foster homes and hostels in Great Britain. Some built new family ties. Some endured the Blitz. Some, amazingly, found ways to liberate their own parents from Hitler's tyranny. And all have unforgettable stories to tell. From Mark Jonathan Harris, writer/director of the Academy Award winning The Long Way Home, and producer Deborah Oppenheimer (whose mother was one of the 10,000 children), comes this superb, Oscar winning documentary filled with rare archival footage and featuring gripping remembrances by the child survivors, rescuers and parents of the heroic Kindertransport. Judy Dench narrates.

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Actors: Judi Dench, Lory Cahn, Kurt Fuchel,

Directors: Mark Jonathan Harris,

Writers: Mark Jonathan Harris,

Genres: Documentary,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/15/2000,

Format: Made To Order DVD,