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In Person (1935) (MOD)

In Person (1935) (MOD)

In Person (1935) (MOD)

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Ginger Rogers has never been lovelier than she is in this tantalizing, romantic melodrama. Rogers, aptly enough, portrays popular film star Carol Corliss, who is stricken with a severe phobia of crowds after she is mauled by her eager fans. She becomes so afraid of being recognized that she creates elaborate disguises - wigs, glasses, false teeth - to escape notice when she must go out in public. Finally, Carol flees to an out-of-the-way mountain resort where she befriends Emory Muir (George Brent), a handsome commoner who at first does not suspect her true identity. Carol strives to keep him from discovering who she really is, yet when he does, Emory doesn't seem the least impressed. The result is a genuine romance that illuminates the screen.

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