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I Live My Life (MOD)

I Live My Life (MOD)

I Live My Life (MOD)

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It's her life - she'll live it the way she wants! And since she's played by Joan Crawford at the peak of her MGM allure, she'll live that life in a captivating array of fashions by Adrian. Crawford plays New York socialite Kay Bentley, whose yachting getaway in the Greek isles takes an unexpected turn when she meets a handsome archeologist (Brian Aherne). She's carefree, he's earnest. She's of the moneyed elite, he disdains privilege and pretense. They're opposites who, in the Golden Era of screwball comedy, are sure to attract, collide, fuss, banter and parry. but do they marry? How that does or doesn't happen in part of the fun in a fizzy romp, directed by W.S. Van Dyke, that features Frank Morgan as Kay's flustered pop. In a genre that typically finds laughs in the character of a dutiful manservant, I Live My Live offers not one but two of the screen's best: Eric Blore and Arthur Treacher.

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