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I Like Your Nerve (1931) (MOD)

I Like Your Nerve (1931) (MOD)

I Like Your Nerve (1931) (MOD)

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Ne'er-do-well, peripatetic playboy Larry O'Brien (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) gets ejected from one Latin American country only to land hip-deep in romance and intrigue in its neighbor. While deciding where to wreak havoc next post-deportation, Larry catches the eye of the lovely Diane Forsythe (Loretta Young) as she is chauffered past the cantina where Larry is enjoying the local brew. Steadily refusing to accept the existence of the impossible, Larry in short order strands and rescues Miss Forsythe, discovers she is engaged to a much older man, uncovers the reason for said engagement (parental embezzlement) and sets out to unravel all of her unsavory fianc�'s (Edmund Breon) plans...chiefly by kidnapping Diane before her father and fianc� can! Fairbanks swashbuckles his way through the proceedings with a pre-Bugs Bunny anarchic glee, while eagle- eyed film buffs should keep their eyes peeled for then-unknown Boris Karloff.

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