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Hotel Berlin (1945) (MOD)

Hotel Berlin (1945) (MOD)

Hotel Berlin (1945) (MOD)

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A fugitive from the resistance hides in the cellar. Nazi High Commanders conspire to bring their poison to America. A hotel "hostess" entertains majors and generals, willing to do anything for a new pair of shoes. A general faces his doom, fallout from a failed attempt to assassinate the F�hrer. His mistress, a famous actress, harbors a hostage as a bargaining chip - but for who? A scientist struggles to find his soul, lost somewhere in his research at Dachau. A boy bellhop braves death at the hands of the SS to spy for the resistance in the name of his father. These are just some of the suspects gathered within the confines of the Hotel Berlin during the closing days of World War Two. Based on a novel by Vicki Baum, the film is reminiscent of her earlier smash hit Grand Hotel and serves up a similar, striking ensemble drama, only this time the stakes are far more deadly and desperate. With Peter Lorre, Faye Emerson and Raymond Massey.

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