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Highway 301 (MOD)

Highway 301 (MOD)

Highway 301 (MOD)

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"For those who select a career of crime, there awaits relentless punishment and prosecution." Cautionary, crime-does-not-pay messages from governors of three states provide the introduction to this brisk blend of gangster and film noir genres written and directed by Andrew Stone (Julie, Cry Terror!). Steve Cochran (White Heat) plays George Legenza, the hot-headed, quick-fingered leader of the Tri-State Gang. The gang is elusive, tight-lipped, and stone-cold murderous. But it's starting to fray from within. And from without, the law is drawing closer. A citizen has reported a crucial piece of evidence - a partial license-plate number. The hunt is on.

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Actors: Steve Cochran, Virginia Grey, Gaby Andr?, Edmon Ryan, Robert, Robert Webber, Wally Cassell, Aline Towne, Richard Egan, Edward Norris,

Directors: Andrew L. Stone,

Writers: Andrew L. Stone,

Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 12/01/1950,

Format: Made To Order DVD,