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He's A Woman, She's A Man - Golden Harvest

He's A Woman, She's A Man - Golden Harvest

He's A Woman, She's A Man - Golden Harvest

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CHARMING HONG KONG ROMANTIC FARCE IN THE TRADITION OF VICTOR/VICTORIA Pop music super fan Lam Chi Wing disguises herself as a man so she can meet her idol, Rose, at an audition for male singers being staged by Rose's producer/boyfriend, Sam. The couple's relationship is on the rocks, however, and Sam signs the talentless Chi-Wing just to spite Rose. Things get even more complicated when a perplexed Sam develops feelings for the conflicted Chi-Wing, who tries her best to keep Sam and Rose together. One of the wittiest and most heartwarming Hong Kong films of its era, this gentle saga of love and sexual confusion is superbly performed by three of the industry's biggest stars and also functions as a knowing send-up of the contemporary music industry. A box office smash, He's a Woman, She's a Man spawned a 1996 sequel and won the Best Actress (Anita Yuen) and Best Original Song prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

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Actors: Leslie Cheung, Anita Yuen, Carina Lau, Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Lawrence Cheng,

Directors: Peter Chan,

Writers: James Yuen,

Genres: Comedy, Romance,

Format: Made To Order DVD,