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Here Comes the Navy (MOD)

Here Comes the Navy (MOD)

Here Comes the Navy (MOD)

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James Cagney and Pat O'Brien hit the deck as well as each other in this rousing Oscar® nominee for Best Picture (1934). When cocky naval yard worker Chesty O'Connor (Cagney) battles Chief Petty Officer Biff Martin (O'Brien) over a dame, he not only loses the fight but the gal and his job as well. Joining the Navy to get even with Biff, Chesty's warned he'll get thrown in the brig if he clobbers a superior officer. Deciding to steal his girlfriend instead, Chesty learns she's actually Biff's sister Dorothy (Gloria Stuart), a discovery that soon leads to war when her brother declares her off-limits. The first of nine films to costar Cagney and O'Brien, Here Comes the Navy was shot on real naval locations, including the dirigible USS Macon, the US Naval Training Station in San Diego and aboard the USS Arizona, a battleship that would pass into history in December 7, 1941, when it was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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