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Heart of the North (1938) (MOD)

Heart of the North (1938) (MOD)

Heart of the North (1938) (MOD)

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Cowboy star Dick Foran trades in spurs for snowshoes in this rare, early, Technicolor® Warner Bros. "(North)Western" from the golden age of motion pictures, adapted from the novel by William Byron Mowery. Dick Foran plays Sgt. Alan Baker, scarlet-clad sentinel of Saskatchewan. When a fellow RCMP (Patric Knowles) is murdered during a gold-freight robbery, Baker and his aptly named sidekick, Cpl. Bill Hardsock (a larger-than-life Allen Jenkins) take charge of the victim's orphaned daughter (a plucky Janet Chapman) and the quest for justice. Stymied by an inept inspector (James Stephenson), Sgt. Baker finds himself the target of a criminal conspiracy and the center of a romantic triangle (torn between Gale Page and Gloria Dickson). Disgraced in the corps while an innocent trapper faces hanging, Baker and Hardsock risk it all in a desperate gambit to tree the real killers.

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Writers: Lee Katz, Vincent Sherman,

Format: MOD - SD,


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