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Haywire (MOD)

Haywire (MOD)

Haywire (MOD)

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After fleeting marriages to Henry Fonda and William Wyler, Margaret Sullavan found contentment as the wife of producer Leland Hayward (Jason Robards) and as the mother of three. Or so it seemed, until the marriage crumbled, the children rebelled and she was found dead of an overdose at the age of 50. Best Actress Emmy® nominee Lee Remick portrays Sullavan, the luminous beauty who turned her talent and intelligence into stardom on stage and screen (including the beloved Three Comrades and The Shop Around the Corner). Based on the bestseller by Sullavan's daughter Brooke and produced by her son Bill, Haywire powerfully shows how a burnished image of privilege and fame can hide - at least for a time - the reality of heartbreak and self-destruction.

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