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Hanna Barbera Specials Collection (MOD)

Hanna Barbera Specials Collection (MOD)

Hanna Barbera Specials Collection (MOD)

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In the midst of their TV heyday, William Hanna and Joe Barbera produced a spate of truly special animated specials. These features aimed beyond Saturday morning and delivered tales of a decidedly literary bent. But have no fear - there's plenty of patented Hanna-Barbera hilarity, too! Collection includes: The Last of the Curlews: Fred Bodsworth's classic novel about a species on the brink inaugurated ABC's famed Afterschool Specials to much-deserved acclaim. Oliver and the Artful Dodger: This sequel to the Dickens' classic sees a reformed Dodger coming to the aid of a once-again-orphaned Oliver. The Adventures of Robin Hoodnik: The classic swashbuckler reimagined with an all animal cast of Merrymen. The Three Musketeers: Dumas' enduring tale becomes a rousing animated adventure. Cyrano: This adaptation of Edmond Rostand's classic drama has a most-special pedigree - its vocal director is cinema's celebrated Cyrano himself - Jos? Ferrer!

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