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Hank: The Complete Series (MOD)

Hank: The Complete Series (MOD)

Hank: The Complete Series (MOD)

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Smack dab in the middle of the great Sixties Sitcom Golden Age, Warner Bros. Television surprised audiences with a most unusual series - Hank! Hank starred Dick Kallman as Hank Dearborn, full-time university gopher and food-truck operator, part-time college drop-in. Orphaned at 15, Hank has a little sister, Tina (Katie Sweet), to care for and not enough funds for college. Determined to get a degree, Hank hatches one wild plan - impersonate absent students and audit his way through higher ed! Unfortunately for Hank, the college registrar, Dr. Lewis Royal (Howard St. John) suspects he has an unregistered student on campus and is eager to sniff him out. Little does Dr. Royal suspect that his oncampus serial student impersonator is the same hard-working lad who dates his daughter, Doris (Linda Foster). Setting Hank apart from other one-season wonders is the fact that the series' 26th and final episode is a true series finale!

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