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Guy Kibbee Triple Feature (MOD)

Guy Kibbee Triple Feature (MOD)

Guy Kibbee Triple Feature (MOD)

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Goofball. Dear Old Pa. Sugar Daddy with a Heart of Gold. These were the stock-in-trade characters of beloved Warner Bros.' stock company member Guy Kibbee. Beginning his career entertaining on a Mississippi riverboat, Kibbee brought a larger-than-life energy to his characters, even when they were firmly on the sunset side of life. Mary Jane's Pa sees Kibbee playing a returning runaway dad opposite the formidable Aline MacMahon (and introducing the "Guy Kibbee Egg" to the world). Kibbee is paired with zany Zasu Pitts as a couple of newly rich yokels reaching above their class in Going Highbrow. Rounding things out, The Big Noise has Kibbee kicking up a racket as a businessman taking on the mob.

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Actors: Guy Kibbee,

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama,

Format: MOD - SD,


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