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The Great Meadow (1931) (MOD)

Great Meadow, The (1931) (MOD)

The Great Meadow (1931) (MOD)

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When Daniel Boone comes calling, young Berk Jarvis (John Mack Brown) hears the message loud and clear: It's time to go west, young Americans. Quickly convincing his mother, Elvira (Lucille La Verne), and brother, Jack, to leave colonial Virginia behind for the wilderness of Kentucky's Great Meadow, Berk asks his favorite girl, Diony Hall (Eleanor Boardman), to join him on their wagon train as his wife. The western trek takes a toll on the settlers, but Berk and his bride arrive at Fort Harrod with a baby soon on the way. Tragedy strikes when Elvira and Diony are attacked outside the fort by the psychotic Black Fox, and Elvira is killed. Berk is driven to distraction by the taunts of Black Fox and his horrific trophy, and he abandons his wife and child for the path of vengeance. By the time Berk makes it back, he discovers that the wilderness waits for no man.

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