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Goodbye Again (1933) (MOD)

Goodbye Again (1933) (MOD)

Goodbye Again (1933) (MOD)

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Celebrated women's novelist Ken Bixby (Warren William) has made his fortune "understanding women," but he's ill-prepared when a forgotten flame (Genevieve Tobin) returns, prepared to scorch his fame and reputation with the consummation of her "purple passion." Ken barely recalls the now-married Julie, but Julie is sure she is the inspiration for the eponymous "Miriam," the central character of his latest opus, "the one who can't have children." Succumbing to Julie's exhortations, Ken hopes for a quick getaway aboard an Albany-bound train, then finds his sleeping berth sandwiched between Julie's pursuing husband (Hugh Herbert) and family (Wallace Ford, Helen Chandler) and his own irate secretary (Joan Blondell). Meanwhile, Julie is hiding in his bed. It all comes to a climax with a mock divorce trial staged in a hotel. Equally salacious and screwball, this is as pre-Code as they come!

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