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Goldie Gets Along (1933) (MOD)

Goldie Gets Along (1933) (MOD)

Goldie Gets Along (1933) (MOD)

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Lili Damita dazzles and delights as Goldie, a French teenage transplant to the cloistered confines of suburban New Jersey. Bohemian to the core, Goldie chafes against the small-mindedness of her town and sets out for the big time in Hollywood. Blessed with ample animal cunning, wit and grit, Goldie proves more than a match for the series of male obstacles who get in her way - whether it's a ride-sharing Romeo eager for an illicit tryst, a mug of a motorcycle cop (Nat Pendleton), Springfield's meek mayor (Arthur Hoyt), a scurrilous beauty-pageant scam artist (Sam Hardy) or indifferent Hollywood casting agents. Meanwhile, the beau she left behind, Bill Tobin (Charles Morton), is in hot pursuit of Goldie, eager to get her back to small-town life. And Bill has the pull to spoil Goldie's plans - his college fraternity brother is bigwig movie director Frank Hawthorne (Bradley Page)!

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