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Gold Raiders / Meet the Baron (MOD)

Gold Raiders / Meet the Baron (MOD)

Gold Raiders / Meet the Baron (MOD)

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Westward, ho-ho-ho! There's a wagonload of sundries and snake oil rolling toward Red Mesa, and - since Larry, Shemp and Moe hold the horses' reins - there's also a load of slaphappy shenanigans, in the way-out Western Gold Raiders. Barrel-chested cowboy icon George O'Brien adds heroics in a galloping battle with robbers. Meanwhile, with exploding cigars, a demonstration of the trio's "miracle eyeglasses" and a medical exam with the boys posing as MDs, the Stooges show how the jest was won. Next, in one of their earliest screen appearances, the Stooges Meet the Baron. Radio comic Jack Pearl (with support from Jimmy Durante) plays the bogus baron on a speaking tour, and Larry, Curly (billed as Jerry) and Moe play janitors at the all-girl Cuddle College. What? No hot water in the shower? The boys will be right up!

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