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Gold Fever (1952) (MOD)

Gold Fever (1952) (MOD)

Gold Fever (1952) (MOD)

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During the aftermath of the great Californian gold rush, two men met in a mining town on the brink of the Mohave Desert; both were of the opinion that the other was in quest of gold." Both men would be wrong - although gold would lay at the heart of their quests. One of them, John Bonar (famed magician-turned-actor John Calvert), is in search of vengeance. The other, Nugget Jack (a picture-stealing Ralph Morgan), is in search of something far more precious than gold, something he lost long ago. After John rescues Nugget Jack from the local boss Bill Johnson (Gene Roth) and his thugs, he, in turn, is saved by the mysterious, sharpshooting Rusty (Ann Cornell). Grateful, Nugget Jack partners up with John and leads him to a lost mine, but an assassin is on their trail. Thankfully, a guardian angel named Rusty is watching over them, for reasons of her own.

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