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Girl of the Port (MOD)

Girl of the Port (MOD)

Girl of the Port (MOD)


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Jim (Reginald Sharland), a British nobleman, is the sole survivor of his unit after a disastrous engagement in World War I. Helplessly watching as his fellow soldiers are burned alive by German flamethrowers, Jim is traumatized and develops an all-consuming fear of fire. Tortured and ashamed, Jim ends up playing "Whiskey Johnny" to the denizens of the seedy Bamboo Bar on Suva in the Fiji Islands. The bar, and much of Suva, is controlled by the rich and sadistic McEwen (Mitchell Lewis), whose ideology of White Supremacy is fueled by self-loathing and shame. Storm-tossed into this dark stew is a surprise ray of sunlight, Brooklyn showgirl Josie (Sally O'Neil), who is guided to the bar in search of employment by local native Kalita (sports titan Duke Kahanamoku). Josie glimpses the soul inside the soused Jim and takes him under her wing, sparking a jealous rage in McEwen. For the sake of Josie, Jim must learn to walk on fire.


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