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Girl in White, The (MOD)

Girl in White, The (MOD)

Girl in White, The (MOD)

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Don't call her her Doctor. The early career of New York's first female hospital intern is the compelling subject of this biopic from the screenwriters of Johnny Belinda based on Emily Dunning Barringer's memoir. june Allyson plays Emily, who struggles to gain access to the male-dominated medical world during the early 2oth century. Blocked from hospital acceptance despite ranking high in her studies, Emily, along with her mentor, uses public opinion to help her gain a residency position. Yet she still faces resistance by male colleagues and superiors, obstacles Emily must overcome. joining Allyson are Mildred Dunnock as the woman who inspires Emily to pursue a medical career, Arthur Kennedy as the doctor who falls in love with her and Gary Merrill as the health-care director who advises her the profession does not want female practitioners - an attitude Emily Dunning Barringer would help change.