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The Girl Downstairs (1938) (MOD)

Girl Downstairs, The (1938) (MOD)

The Girl Downstairs (1938) (MOD)


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Wealthy playboy Paul Wagner makes illicit entrances a specialty, especially if it means getting close to society girl Rosalind Brown (Rita Johnson). Paul's brazen, swaggering ways land him in hot water with Rosalind's disapproving father (Walter Connolly), and he is barred from the Brown's manse. The wily Paul soon finds the chink in the wall keeping him away from Rosalind - Katerina, the downstairs scullery maid, who, not being allowed upstairs, has never seen Paul. Impersonating his own chauffeur, Paul romances Katerina as a means of getting close to Rosalind. Katerina's simple and selfless ways soon work their own peculiar magic on the jaded Paul, who finds himself falling for the other girl. The Girl Downstairs was the second go-round for delightful leading lady Franciska Gaal as Katerina the scullery maid, having first played the role to great acclaim in the 1936 original Austrian version Catherine the Last.


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