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Gangway For Tomorrow (MOD)

Gangway For Tomorrow (MOD)

Gangway For Tomorrow (MOD)

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A carpool ride to work at an aircraft plant is the device connecting five separate stories of the patriotic war effort at home. Five strangers are enjoying a silent car ride when the driver (Charles Arnt) surprises them with an invitation to Sunday supper, triggering waves of reflection in the others. Margo stars as French nightclub singer Lisette in a Casablanca- style wartime thriller. Robert Ryan, as underdog racecar driver Joe Dunham, presents a rousing sports story. James Bell is a prison warden in a film-noir tale of crime and punishment. Amelita Ward stars as Miss America in a showbiz drama of lessons learned and love lost. And finally, acting great John Carradine steals the show in a Capraesque tale of an educated hobo who rediscovers his conscience in a small American town. Radio drama king Arch Oboler crafted the screenplay for this most unique anthology picture.