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From Beyond The Grave

From Beyond The Grave

From Beyond The Grave


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In a small antique shop in the east end of London an old proprietor promises a surprise with every purchase. These are the stories of four of his customers and their horrifying surprises. "The Elemental" and "The Gate Crasher" tell of two individuals who attempt to cheat the shopkeeper and meet gruesome deaths. "An Act of Kindness" tells a bizarre, gruesome tale of true love between the daughter of an ex-service man and an unhappily married man. In "The Door," a couple buys an antique door, which opens to an elegant but evil drawing room that must be kept alive by human sacrifices. Watching the customers as they go in and out of the antique shop, a petty criminal sees the old proprietor as an easy mark. But when he attempts to rob and kill the old proprietor, he finds a chest filled with vicious Iron Maiden spikes.


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