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Flight From Glory (1937) (MOD)

Flight From Glory (1937) (MOD)

Flight From Glory (1937) (MOD)


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The cables go out to grounded, disgraced pilots, enticing them: "Can Use Experienced Pilot, Best Planes in Flying Field This Part of the World." The reality of service in the Trans-Andean Air Service of Delgado, Argentina, is far different, and far deadlier than expected. Under the ruthless stewardship of Ellis (Onslow Stevens), an international band of desperate airmen quickly find their souls in hock to the company store while taking to the air between the frozen peaks of the Andes in "Flying Coffins." After another pilot is killed, a callow replacement, George Wilson (Van Heflin), arrives with a surprise - he's brought his bride (Whitney Bourne) along. As the presence of a lady effects a strange alchemy upon the grizzled flyers, sparks fly between boss pilot Paul Smith (Chester Morris) and bride, sending the humiliated Wilson into a dangerous tailspin.


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